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The Key Club is committed to being a safe and welcoming environment for all. We have measures in place to protect our customers, but we also ask that visitors are considerate and aware when on a night out in our venue.  There is a zero-tolerance policy in place at the venue and anybody acting wrongly or irresponsibly will be asked to leave and the police will be notified if necessary. 


Training & welfare

Every member of The Key Club venue staff has been trained to be vigilant and uphold a duty of care to customer welfare including sexual harassment and assault. We are an active member of the Ask for Angela campaign, and if anyone feels they are in a situation they are not comfortable with, our staff are approachable and will work to remove the situation away from you. In addition to this supervisors and management are also first aid trained and can deal with any escalations. There will always be a manager or supervisor present within the venue. 

If we suspect you are too intoxicated before you enter the club, entry will be refused. 

If we believe you are too intoxicated whilst in the club our bar staff will firstly refuse alcohol and offer water/soft drinks as an alternative. We will never serve anybody who we believe is over-inebriated.

Following this, you may be asked to leave the venue. Our security team will assist you from the building for fresh air, offer you water and monitor you for your safety and welfare.  

We will never ask people to leave unsupervised and we will do our utmost to ensure you are with friends and are looked after.

Anti-spiking drinks measures 
Protective drinks lids are available free from the bar and any drinks left unattended will be removed by venue staff.

Spiking is when someone gives another person drugs or alcohol without their knowledge or consent.  This also includes overproviding drinks to anybody who is too inebriated, this also includes buying a double for somebody who clearly requested a single.

Drugs policy

If you are found in possession of drugs or any other illegal substances, they will be confiscated and deposited in the West Yorkshire Police-approved drug safe and you will be ejected from the venue.  Anybody who is suspected of distributing drugs, including passing to friends, will be detained and police will be notified. 

Extensive full CCTV coverage 

We believe The Key Club is one is the most comprehensively covered venues in Leeds. There are over 30 CCTV cameras in operation within the venue which provide full coverage.  In the event of a situation occurring CCTV footage can be provided to the police, but this must be requested by the authorities.  We will never share CCTV footage with individual customers and any incidents must be escalated.

Body camera policy 

All members of our security team are provided with body cameras and record most customer-facing interactions, which is above the industry standard. These will be in use in the eventuality of a situation occurring, or reviewed for any incidents reported retrospectively. 

Security patrols

Members of our security team will be present and patrolling at all events. If you feel unsafe or spot any suspicious activity please report this to a member of our security team. 

Additional policies and services

In addition to the above The Key Club is a member of the following safety policies, or works closely with the following organisations;

- Ask for Angela

- Walk Safe Leeds

- Member of BACIL

- Street Angels 


We ask that our customers be mindful and considerate to all in attendance and are also attentive and vigilant when visiting. In line with this we ask that customers;

- Do not leave drinks unattended.  

Venue staff will remove any drinks that have been left unattended for safety reasons. 

- Do not share drinks or accept drinks from people that you do not know and trust.  Also, be vigilant about sharing drinks with friends. 

If you suspect your drink may have been tampered with on the night we advise:

- You or a friend contact a member of The Key Club staff as soon as possible.  There are quiet spaces available within the venue where you can discuss privately if preferred. Once we are made aware, we can assure you it will be dealt with accordingly. It is essential that staff are notified on the night as the incident needs to be logged. 

Following this, as soon as possible:

- If an ambulance is not required we urge you to visit the hospital yourself as testing may be needed to identify the substance.  This may also further any additional investigations carried out by the police and help prosecute the culprit.

- Contact the police. 

We will assist the police thoroughly throughout any potential investigation, including providing CCTV and body camera footage of your movements from that night.  It is important to note that due to GPDR laws we can only issue CCTV footage directly to the police and not any individual person, so it is vital it is reported.

- Please assist us by emailing with any details of what you believe has happened. We can only deal with situations that have been officially reported to us and we are unable to investigate any incidents reported any other way including via social media comments.  

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